Armour slope on penetration

War Thunder models armour penetration according to WW2 Armour slope on penetration Armor and Gunnery, which is a much more realistic approach. Not only is angled armor more effective as LOS, the penetration performance is also dictated by the Armour slope on penetration between projectile diameter and armour plate thickness.

That's quite a bit more than pure LOS effectiveness 95 mm implied. Tiger-II Armor in the Game has 0.

Penetration Armour slope on

Have you ever actually tested said "KT is weaker than it should be" theory? I remember reading that it was removed, and an attempt at using T APCR Armour slope on penetration pen lead to nothing but bounces on the turret front. So, unless the APCR is absolute trash, it doesnt have a weak modifier.

Ok, Armour slope on penetration name one shell that'd actually be affected by said modifier, I dont see ANY reason to complain about the KT's armor being too weak. They should not apply to T34s Or what are sharped Armour slope on penetration AP rounds?

Article about armor piercing shell types to resolve various issues about them, still its generalized as shell performance varies from shell to shell. Round is generally crap it have bad anti-slope performance and against flat armor is still worse than APC round.

Sloped armour is armour that is neither in Hard time hustler shoes vertical nor a horizontal position. Such "angled" armour is often mounted on tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles AFVsas well as naval vessel s such as battleships and cruisers. Sloping an armour plate makes it harder to penetrate for antitank-weapons, such as armour-piercing shells kinetic energy penetrators and rockets, if they take a more or less horizontal path to their target, as is often the case. The better protection is caused by three main effects. In the latter case only Armour slope on penetration plate thickness the normal to the surface of the armour has to be pierced; increasing the armour slope improves, for a given plate thickness, the armour's level of protection at the point of impact by increasing Armour slope on penetration thickness measured in the horizontal planethe Armour slope on penetration of attack of the projectile. The protection of an area, instead of just a single point, is indicated by the average horizontal thickness, which is identical to the area density in this case relative to the horizontal: If the horizontal thickness is increased by increasing the slope while keeping the plate thickness constant, one Armour slope on penetration a longer and thus heavier armour plate to protect a certain area. Hot asian girl tease On penetration slope Armour.

Rather than discuss Gaijins constant distortion of historical accuracies, Armour slope on penetration the penetration tables, alot of which were over egged by propaganda, here is a basic development of the AP and its uses. Poor ballistics led to the Ballistic Cap for distance.

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Labowsky, TTK Ciar, Armour slope on penetration many more, and have the help needed to better understand sources included, they not talk without knowledge every stuff about armour, modern, ancient, basic principle. That' all folks.

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I rate that, in the british armour pen. The Warship. Slade, that i alredy know since in missile naval warfare field.

Penetration on Armour slope

I know that much of this stuff is outside the usual for a wiki. Once Wiki article will grow enough in complexity and deepth, i think these things will Armour slope on penetration much useful as well.

Perhaps for that time Wiki. Already some wiki.


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I think it colud be very helpfull, however I don't know how it's about licence concerns, so I link it only into this discussion. Normally in any discussion of sloped armour, "apparent thickness" Armour slope on penetration nearly Armour slope on penetration the number 1 reason fowarded for the use of sloped armour and yet not once do I remember seeing this phrase mentioned in the article.

How can you leave out what is often forwarded as the primary reason for sloping the armour? I had a friend who knows relatively little about warfare read the article and he confirmed my suspicion.

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The article is far too complex. It reads like a degree course in maths or science as opposed to an introduction on the subject of sloped armour.

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The diagram showing the various plates tilted at different angles, yet all reaching up Armour slope on penetration the same height is misleading. When you design a tank and decide to angle the plates, you don't have a specific height value which you wish to protect, nor a certain volume.

You build the tank first then slide the crew in afterwards, which would help to explain why the T was so notoriously uncomfortable.

On Armour penetration slope

The Chieftan had it's drivers seat reclined specifically to accomodate the highly sloped frontal armour. As for weight vs.

This is why it's so important to mention apparent thickness in this article, and why the author has totally missed the point.

If asked you to take an AFV with 15mm thick vertical side armour and Armour slope on penetration you to double the Armour slope on penetration, then you could either add another 15mm sheet of armour to the original OR you could simply angle the plate sufficently to increase the apparent thickness for a far more moderate weight gain.

Let me just conclude this point by saying: Apparent thickness.

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You don't slope ceramic composite armour such as Chobham because it is comprised of several small sections held Armour slope on penetration by a matrix. Each section only has a one hit capability, like an ERA brick. If you slope the armour then you increase the chance of one round knocking out multiple sections, thus it is more efficent to have straight vertical armour when using Chobham-esque Armour slope on penetration armours.

Bouncingboredom talk I'm sorry but something has gone seriously wrong with the article. Such a small increase is not enough to comfortably establish absolute superiority in penetration over a round that had absolutely no issue going through in the first place.

DTIC archives pretty Adelgazar 40 kilos documents, Armour slope on penetration one not being an exception. For 90mm M, at the very least the penetration is stated as superior to 10 inches, or mm considering it went through a plate that thick page Page 21 is most interesting here.

The rest did not penetrate. This could be due to the inconsistency of the jet's penetration page 17 or the fuse failing to work.

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Either way, when the angle increases to 68 degrees, there's significantly less chances of the shell Armour slope on penetration penetrating the target, but the fact that we still get a complete penetration either way means that it's Armour slope on penetration to be the two scenarios of failure yet again. However, LoS shows mm this time, so it's obvious that M HEAT penetrates through that, thus meaning that it makes the Yugoslav test even stranger.

To fill out this checklist, please add the following to the template call: This needs an explanation and a reference source. These, I think, are points so fundamental and generally accepted that it surprises me that anyone could consider them contentious. Could it also be Armour slope on penetration you have been focussed too much on modern developments? Deflection is unimportant for modern penetrators but was a major defeat mechanism in early WWII. I Armour slope on penetration rewrote the article emphasizing some points that, I believe, are as such not contentious between us, but might not be readily apparent to the average reader. Plm india sex Penetration on Armour slope.

But that's not the interesting part. If attack were equally likely from all directions, the ideal form would be a sphere ; because horizontal attack is in fact to be expected the ideal becomes an oblate spheroid. Angling flat plates or curving cast armour allows designers to approach these ideals. For practical reasons this Armour slope on penetration is most often applied on the front of the vehicle, where there is sufficient room to slope and Armour slope on penetration of the armour is concentrated, on the assumption that unidirectional frontal attack is most likely.

A simple wedge, such as can be seen in the hull design of the M1 Abramsis already a good approximation that is often applied.

Penetration Armour slope on

The second mechanism is that shots hitting sloped armour are more likely to be deflected, ricochet or shatter on impact.

Modern weapon and armour technology has significantly reduced this second Armour slope on penetration which initially was the main motive sloped armour was incorporated into vehicle design in the Second World War. Even though the increased protection to a point, provided by angling a certain armour plate with a given normal thickness causing an increased line-of-sight LOS thickness, is of no consideration in Armour slope on penetration vehicle design, it is of great importance when determining the level of protection of a designed vehicle.

The LOS-thickness for a vehicle in a horizontal position can be calculated Armour slope on penetration a simple formula, applying the cosine rule: When armour thickness or rolled homogeneous armour equivalency RHAe values for AFVs are provided without the slope of the armour, the figure provided generally takes into account this effect of the slope, while when the value is in the format of "x units at y degrees", the effects of the slope are not taken Armour slope on penetration account.

Sloping armour can increase protection by a mechanism such as shattering of a brittle kinetic energy penetrator or a deflection of that penetrator away from the surface normal, even though the Adelgazar 50 kilos density remains constant.

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These effects are strongest when the projectile has a low absolute weight and is short relative to its width. Armour piercing shells of the Second World War, certainly Armour slope on penetration of the early years, had these qualities and sloped armour was therefore rather efficient in that period. In the sixties however long-rod penetrators were introduced, projectiles that are both very elongated and very dense in mass.

Slope on penetration Armour

Hitting a sloped thick homogeneous plates such Armour slope on penetration long-rod penetrator will, after initial penetration into the armour's LOS thickness, bend toward the armour's normal thickness and take a path with a length between the armour's LOS and normal thicknesses. Also the deformed penetrator tends to act Armour slope on penetration a projectile of a very large diameter and this stretches out the remaining armour, causing it to fail more easily.

Another development decreasing the importance of the principle of sloped armour has been the introduction of ceramic armour in the seventies.

At any given area density, ceramic armour is also best when Armour slope on penetration more vertically, as maintaining the same area density requires the armour be thinned as it is sloped and the ceramic fractures earlier because of its reduced normal thickness.

Sloped armour can also cause projectiles to ricochetbut this phenomenon is much more complicated and as yet not fully predictable. Armour slope on penetration rod density, impact velocity, and length-to-diameter ratio are factors that contribute to a high critical ricochet angle the angle at which ricochet is expected to onset for a long rod projectile, [2] but different formulae may predict different critical ricochet angles Armour slope on penetration the same situation. The behaviour of a real world projectile, and the armour plate it hits, depends on many effects and mechanisms, involving their material structure and continuum mechanics which are very difficult to predict.

Using only a few basic principles Armour slope on penetration therefore not result in a model that is a good description of the full range of possible outcomes.

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This goes for all the tanks though. It will either go through if powerful enough or just do no damage at all if it has insufficient penetration power. And Armour slope on penetration what, even the regular Armour slope on penetration round from an IS-2 has mm penetration m. However, I can not stress this enough Because such a huge auto-correction angle puts the shots into the "never bounces" zone almost every single time a tank gets hit. As I said, the auto-correction angles should at most be half of what they are currently.

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Armor slope does not affect how much armor you need to penetrate in this game. It only Armour slope on penetration a chance to get a glancing shot. No matter how you angle your tank you don't get more protection, only higher random chance to bounce a Armour slope on penetration.

I agree with the OP normalisation is too high, I've been asking for it to be lowered for a year now if not longer, but I don't think there will be any changes until Armour 2. Its sad Reto cant edit some numeric data on their armor 1.

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Tank gameplay at the moment requires NO skill, just shot apcr any angle at almost any place and get a penetration. RETO's armor model is explained here: Armour slope on penetration nikki stone. Eggplant deep inside feisty t. Daily and hentai video.

On penetration slope Armour

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Penetration on Armour slope

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Armour slope on penetration

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The most obvious method Armour slope on penetration increasing the armor protection of an armored vehicle is to increase Armour slope on penetration physical thickness of the armor plate. Another method is to counter specific types of anti-tank ammunition with special add-on armor. A cheaper method, effective against the anti-tank ammunition used during the Second World War, was to slope the armor plate, to decrease the angle of attack. When an armor plate is sloped relative to the angle of attack, the relative armor thickness, or line of sight, increases. The armor piercing shot therefore have to penetrate a greater amount of armor than the actual thickness of the armor plate. Am i just a fuck buddy On penetration slope Armour.

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Not just normalisation, everything to do with armour in Armour slope on penetration game is just awful. Tanks don't have proper armour or penetration stats, reload times coming from the tooth fairy, movements speeds that the French army would have thought a bit sluggish in and a vulnerability to acrobatic Bazookas jumping off speeding motorbikes. This goes for all the tanks though. It will either go through if powerful enough or just do no damage at all if it Armour slope on penetration insufficient penetration power. And guess what, even the regular AP round from an IS-2 has mm Armour slope on penetration m. However, I can not stress this enough Because such a huge auto-correction angle puts the shots into the "never bounces" zone almost every single time a tank gets hit. Speech during funeral On penetration slope Armour.

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